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About yooni

yooni organic cosmetics are pure, plant based cosmetics for moms, babies and other beauties, formulated with the intention to create effective and safe skin care products that you can use with a clear conscience. yooni is formulated with highly effective plant-based ingredients to naturally protect and care for your, your baby´s skin and  your loved ones skin. Fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds are the sources of these natural substances than conform to food standards and act like superfood for the skin. And you can be sure that all ingredients are gentle on the skin and suitable even for sensitive baby skin. Because quality, trust and safety for the whole young family always comes first for yooni, as this was the objective that led to the creation of yooni organic cosmetics.

How yooni was founded

Even when the kids are all grown up, a mother instinctively only wants the best for them. The idea for yooni was born during my daughter´s pregnancy; I of course wanted to support her, in a way where I could call on my experience and expertise. When she couldn´t find a skincare she trusted, I applied the knowledge I had gathered in more than 15 years of product marketing for the organic cosmetics industry to formulate yooni organic cosmetics. During the last three years, I focused on plant-based oils that are “good enough to eat“ and nourish and protect the skin with valuable nutrients. Aside from the objective that everything had to be natural and organic, absolute safety for mom and baby always came first: Neither mom nor the sensitive baby skin should be exposed to harmful substances. I created cosmetic products that are free from unnecessary ingredients, with safe ingredients that have food standard – natural, organic skin care products that you can use for yourself and your baby with a clear conscience.

I am certain: Less is more. For my daughter as a mother, for her children Eva and Sophia, for all mothers and their babies, and for our planet. Yooni is the „focus on the essentials“, on naturalness, quality, on gentle sourcing and the effect of the raw materials. yooni lets you discover and experience that „less is more“ does not mean less effectiveness.

Less is more: The Packaging

This is one more topic where „less is more“ is important to us: Not just the current discussion about plastic waste motivated us to reduce the amount of plastic in our packaging. yooni in general has no secondary packaging. Since it is our philosophy to expose our bodies to as few unnecessary substances as possible, we would like to contribute to a respectful treatment of our planet.

We experimented a long time to find a solution for the 15 ml glass bottles for the scar care oil, and we did: Even the pipette is environmentally friendly as it can be taken apart easily. Glass bottle and vial can be recycled in the glass container, the wooden ring and the small white squeezer through other recycling means. Our packaging is also free from any type of glue. We are so excited about this!

The highest quality, highest safety

All oils and butters are sourced from controlled organic cultivation and have food standard at the same time – a quality standard where all ingredients are of such high quality that they could be consumed as food. yooni products however are labeled as cosmetic products and not intended for consumption, even if they smell and look appealingly! Nevertheless these cosmetic products offer the highest safety for you as a mother and your baby – with carefully selected products for you during pregnancy and after delivery, as well as for the gentle, natural skin care of your baby, specifically formulated for the sensitive skin of your baby.


Simply beautiful!

yooni focuses solely on the pure active ingredients and does not use any unnecessary additives, e.g. preservatives and emulsifiers. We also refrain from any type of animal testing. yooni has created pure, highly effective, economical skin care products that are much more efficient thanks to the carefully selected active ingredients. Made with love, yooni naturally nourishes and protects mom´s and baby´s skin and gives it a fresh and rosy appearance. Because as a mother you only use the best for yourself and your child!


Knowledge about ingredients

With yooni you can experience soothing, skin-friendly skin care and be sure that your little one is also well cared for and protected: All ingredients we use are sourced from trustworthy suppliers such as All Organic Treasures, with whom we have been in contact with for many years. All oils are produced and bottled under the highest hygienic conditions. They are fresh and do not contain preservatives, harmful or unnecessary substances such as parabens, silicones, paraffins or other petroleum-based ingredients. Of course our oils are also free of artificial fragrances. Even if you are allergic it is safe to use yooni, as you can always ascertain which ingredients are contained in every product. We opt for complete transparency.