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We are so proud…

… that British Vogue has invited us to introduce yooni in the premium children’s magazine of the June issue. We are very happy about this and thank Eleonor, our contact person, for the good support. “Vogue’s Little Daises” is the title of these pages with a variety of offers from premium brands and important articles for young mothers. We are also very pleased to be part of the anniversary edition, whose title features Judi Dench, known as “M” from James Bond movies. WOW!


Less is more – no unnecessary auxiliary materials, only pure active ingredients!

For mums, babies
and other beauties


Yooni was formulated with the intent to create effective and safe skin care products that mothers, babies and all other beauties can use with a clear conscience. Therefore Yooni organic cosmetics are formulated with highly effective plant-based ingredients sourced from fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds – natural and pure substances that act like superfood for the skin.

Made with love, yooni naturally nourishes and protects the skin of both young and grown-up beauties. Yooni superfood organic cosmetics:

no animal testing – 100% organic cosmetics – 100 % vegan – no silicones and mineral oils – no parabens – no preservatives – no artificial fragrances.

What you should know!

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VIVANESS | 12. – 15. Februar 2020 // Nürnberg, Germany

Visit us at our Stand: Hall 3C, booth number 30 in the special area BREEZE

We are looking forward to you!

Less is more: The Packaging.

yooni Packaging Pipette

This is one more topic where „less is more“ is important to us: Not just the current discussion about plastic waste motivated us to reduce the amount of plastic in our packaging. yooni in general has no secondary packaging. Since it is our philosophy to expose our bodies to as few unnecessary substances as possible, we would like to contribute to a respectful treatment of our planet.

We experimented a long time to find a solution for the 15 ml glass bottles for the scar care oil, and we did: Even the pipette is environmentally friendly as it can be taken apart easily. Glass bottle and vial can be recycled in the glass container, the wooden ring and the small white squeezer through other recycling means. Our packaging is also free from any type of glue. We are so excited about this!

About yooni

Our Story, what we stand for and our responsibility ...

Our lead ingredients

St. John´s Wort Oil

St. John´s Wort Oil is found in many medicine cabinets. Thanks to its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it supports the regeneration and counteracts scars. Midwives recommend St. John´s Wort Oil as a proven skin care oil in preparation for childbirth. Regular massages of the vaginal and perineal area with St. John´s Wort Oil make the skin more resilient and increase the elasticity of the tissue.

Calendula Oil

The marigold flower (Calendula officinalis) is a recognized medicinal plant with skin regenerating and anti-inflammatory properties. The oil stimulates the skin´s metabolism, circulation and the formation of cells and alleviates chapped skin – dry, aging skin benefits from calendula oil, as does sunburned skin. As a skin care oil, Calendula will protect your baby´s bottom from getting sore.

Sesame Oil

Sesame oil contains high amounts of linoleic acid and oleic acid as well as minerals and trace elements that can improve the skin´s condition. In Ayurveda, sesame oil has a great significance as a skin oil. It supports the cleansing and vitality of the skin cells and is ideal for massages, which can have a holistic, stimulating effect for body and soul. Sesame oil is also called the key to the soul.

Wild Rose Oil (Rosehip Oil)

Wild rose oil (also called rosehip oil) makes the skin soft by nourishing it with high contents of alpha-linolenic-acid and linoleic acid. These highly unsaturated fatty acids support the functionality of the cell membranes, promote cell division and stimulate regeneration. Wild rose oil can help to improve the appearance of older scars and stretch marks.

Apricot Kernel Oil

The light yellow skin oil is extracted from the apricot kernels and is high in essential, unsaturated fatty acids, among others oleic and linoleic acid. It absorbs quickly and supports the skin´s metabolism and moisture balance. Apricot kernel oil makes the skin velvety soft and helps to maintain the natural radiance. For all skin types, particularly suitable for sensitive, chapped and dry skin.

Almond Oil

Almond oil is well-established in organic cosmetics as a massage and base oil. It has high levels of oleic acid and contains various vitamins. As a skin care oil, it is valued for its soothing, nourishing and skin-protecting effects. When applied regularly, it relieves dryness, scaly skin and itching. It is suitable even for sensitive skin.


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